How To Create New Email Folders On An iPhone?

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You may need to Create New Email Folders On An iPhone when you move messages between folders. Whenever you connect to your business POP, IMAP or Exchange email account from your Apple iPhone, the device will automatically load all the subfolders and archive folders associated with your mailbox. So, if you don’t know the process of creation, then take assistance from tech-savvy person. They will surely assist you at an affordable cost.

However, the iPhone Mail app is the dedicated email client application for all iPhone models. It allows iOS users to send and receive email messages right on their iPhones. And because you can pretty much do all your email activities on the app, you may want to organize your messages by adding folders to the iPhone Mail app. But unfortunately you are somehow not proficient to do the same thing. But don’t worry for that as we will suggest you the proper steps. Before than that you will have to Reset Email Account in your iPhone and then continue reading out this article.

Steps To Create New Email Folders On An iPhone

Create New Email Folders On An iPhone

Take a look at the below points and follow these steps on your own carefully:

  • First and foremost, click on the “Mail” icon on your iPhone’s home screen
  • Now, scroll down to the “Accounts” screen and then tap the desired email account where you want to create a new folder
  • Click the “Edit” button from the upper-right corner
  • Now, click the “New Mailbox” button in the lower-right corner
  • After that use the on-screen keyboard to enter a name for the new email folder
  • Click on “Mailbox Location” and then choose where you want to store the new folder
  • After that click on “Save” and “Done” to complete the creation of new email folder
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Have you gone through all the above steps one-by-one? Are you still not able to create the new folder in your iPhone? If really so, then don’t be upset! As we have one more solution of this problem. What you have to do is to make connection with deft tech-geeks who have hands of experience. And for that you must require to give a ring at Email Tech Support Number and then associate with techies in a hassle-free way.

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