Efficient Troubleshooting Tips For Gmail Certificate Error

Due to the recent application of the SSL security in Gmail, you may receive an alert code of Gmail Certificate Error while trying to enter the third-party mail using via Gmail application. As a result, your PC will notify you of the error message “SSL error: Not able to inspect the first security certificate.

It is important to note that you can even receive an error protocol or the SSL security alert saying that Gmail security certificate has expired.

Gmail Certificate Error

Causes Behind the Gmail Certificate Error

In case you are an email server admin, or you have the permission to access the mail server, you can troubleshoot the SSL issue easily. Hence, fix the error alert via the steps provided below:

In general, the Gmail SSL issue is responsible for the absence of SSL certificate (publicly-trusted) on the email server. Here are some of the possible reasons which can trigger the Gmail security certificate error on your PC:

Either the Gmail server has no security certificate or has a self-assigned certificate(using POP3 SSL port). There are two reasons which can be set responsible for this:

  • The system server doesn’t have the certificate if publicly trusted SSL is installed in it. If that is the case, then try installing the accurate certificate from a reliable certificate authority. However, in this case, we recommend taking expert advice while choosing the apt one.
  • The server may have such a publicly-trusted certificate which is not installed on the POP3 socket before.
  • The email portal has the SSL Certificate (publicly-trusted) installed on the POP3 SSL socket. However, there exist some intermediate problems relating to the Gmail certificate error. These issues can hinder the Gmail service from accessing the root certificate of Gmail SSL.

How To Solve Gmail Certificate Error In A Blink?

Method I:

In case you are an email server admin or you have the permission to access the mail server, you can simply look forward to removing the issue off from your system. For that, you cna take a glance at the effective steps below:

Examine the certificate chain of the email server by utilizing the appropriate SSL Certificate tester. Then, enter the domain value in order to verify the certificate chain for the POP3 SSL port. Note that the POP3 SSL is provided with the port: 995 by default. Thus, if you don’t modify the port and use the default SSL port, then ensure to match it with the port that you have for POP3 SSL.

Now, check out if the certificate chain shows up or not. In case, you still receive the alert of Gmail security certificate error, move on to the next step.

Method II:

There are several issues that can frequently occur in the certificate chain. Say, if there is a self-logged certificate chain, then it is important to install the SSL Certificate(publicly-trusted) on the email server. Again, if the server already has the publicly-trusted certificate installed on it, then straightaway install the same on the POP SSL port(default).

At times, there can be a corrupt or broken link on the certificate chain. If that is so, then it means that the server is possibly lacking one or more intermediary. It will restrict Gmail from approving your email server certificate for it won’t be able to identify the root certificate from the end chain.

It is the root certificate which validates the identity of your Gmail SSL Certificate. Therefore, to fix all the issues to this, it is necessary to install the intermediate certificate/certificates to the mail server.

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