How To Fix Unfortunately Email Has Stopped Error?

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Getting the error “Unfortunately Email Has Stopped” is just a common occurrence. So, Fix Unfortunately Email Has Stopped Error with the help of top-most technicians via making a ring at Email Customer Support Number. This is exactly the same error you may get with any app that have installed and downloaded on your Android device.

Taking sides of all point, let’s have a discus about Android email. You are not required to install email app in your android device like other apps that you search on the ‘Google Play Store’, download and then install as email app is preinstalled in the android device. This is incredibly convenient as you can access all email inboxes from your mobile device without installing the app. The best part is that you will get extra space in your device and you will safe from extra effort to manage.

Solutions to Fix Unfortunately Email Has Stopped Error:

Fix Unfortunately Email Has Stopped Error

Solution 1:

  • Grasp your Android device
  • Press the “Power” button with holding it down for few seconds
  • After that you will get “Shut down” menu
  • Now, select the “restart” option and ignore all the others
  • Now, you will be asked to confirm. So do so
  • Then, wait sometimes until the android device shut itself off completely and turns itself back on
  • Once the device is fully restarted, try to access your emails on it

If the error still persists, then move to the next method or make a direct connection with Email Customer Care Service team.

Solution 2:

  • Go to the RAM manager on your android device
  • Now, open it
  • From all the different options, select the one that says “clear memory”
  • Once you have done this, come back of your manager and go to the email

If this information is quite confusing to you, then jump to the next solutions.

Solution 3:

  • Go into the “Settings”
  • Then, move to the “Application Manager”
  • Locate “Email” and click on it
  • Then click on for stop and confirm it
  • Locate “clear cachet” by scrolling down
  • From all the different options, select clear data
  • Now you will be prompted to confirm, so just do it
  • Once you have done all of this, then head over to your email app
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Dial Email Customer Service Number +1-855-847-1975 to Get an Instant remedy:


Do you still getting the error “Unfortunately Email Has Stopped”? Is your mind stop working that what to do ahead to terminate such error? Listen! Don’t be in depression for that as we have tech-specialists who will help you out at an ease. But firstly you have to make a call on our helpline Email Customer Service Number and then make conversation with experts.

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